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The magic of animation

at your service

Laimograph creates 2D animation videos that bring your stories to life, reinforce your message and make complex concepts clear.

Let's bring your next big story to life together!

By your side to best tell your idea

With years of experience in 2D digital animation, Laimograph is able to support you in the creation of animated videos to present, promote and tell with the help of motion graphics and character animation.

The work process is made up of well-defined phases:





It all starts with a detailed script, you can provide it or we develop it together.

Together we choose the most suitable illustrative style for characters and settings.

From the script we move on to a solid storyboard that will guide us in creating the scenes.



Voice over

Sound system

Characters and graphics come to life with the magic of digital animation.

That is the voiceover that, although not always necessary, can support the story.

If the eye wants its part, the ears also want theirs:

music and sound effects.

Everything can be animated

Whether it's a simple animated logo, an explainer or promotional video for an app, or an educational, commercial, institutional video ... 2D animation is a powerful and effective tool to support the message, whatever it is.

Fill out the contact form and tell your project:

Here are some 'guiding questions' whose answers will help us understand the project and give you a targeted quote: What is it about? Does a brief already exist? Is the project assigned a budget?

What is the duration of the video (30,60,90+ seconds)? Where will it play (website, social channels, TV, OOH etc.)?

Is it a single production or multiple one? Does the project have a deadline to respect?

Thank you!